Voting Will Change the Lives of Zimbabwe’s Women

Voting Will Change the Lives of Zimbabwe’s Women

“Although the (current) constitution had been amended recently to forbid some harmful cultural practices, this draft actually forbids and makes it unconstitutional for customary law to take precedence over common law. Women had been disadvantaged when it comes to inheritance, as they could not inherit family property. Widows also lost their property upon the deaths of their spouses,” says Majome.

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Why do we need a plan?

Why do we need a plan?

Whenever people are telling you they are going to do this or they are going to do that for Haiti, you need to ask them to show you a plan. Several sectors and so called leaders or authorities in Haiti and abroad think they have a plan for our beloved homeland, but let me tell you something dear friends, you don’t have a serious project, plan  nor a vision until you WRITE IT DOWN.
My generation has a good plan for Haiti and we are working diligently on that plan now – while you are so busy fighting, procrastinating and repeating the same mistakes over and over again – the best way to get somewhere is by writing down your plan, sharing It with experts (as we don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time) for review, then make it available to everyone in order to start or launch a serious dialogue and conversation (with methodology and discipline of course). At that point we will have an intelligent and civilized debate allowing us to reach a consensus (before taking the steps leading to some well defined executions). The results of that consensus will be known as AYITI!
It won’t be their HAITI, your or my HAITI as it always has been the case, but rather “OUR AYITI”. This will be the Renaissance of our great nation (as our forefathers anticipated) and the beginning of a new era and better days because we finally get to admit and understand that we must respect one another in order to succeed!

Once again, any realization that is done without a vision and a plan will always put some people or clans over the system, in which case would further divide us and complicate our chances of implementing and structuring the good institutions needed to last and protect the stability and the future of our democracy – young it may be, but promising nevertheless.

Our quest towards sustainability requires great planning, bold and safe procedures promoting better leadership, teamwork, fraternity and social justice.

Having a plan that we all agree upon is a must. However, what happens when the plan is too utopic?
How about when we are dealing with players who never play by the rules and who do not care about collectivity and win-win strategies, just because of their ego and?
Those tough and real questions must be the subjects of another series of analysis and reflections.

Better Haitians=Better Haiti!

P.S We keep our analysis simple because we do know you don’t have enough time to read and the current environment (blink and you miss it news cycle) obviously does not encourage you to do otherwise, unless you really have to.
Nevertheless, we go deeper during our weekly radio show “Ayiti Demain” with our guests and panelists and fans, every Sunday starting 8:00pm ish via Radio Tele Fos Internationale, Radio Tele Megastar 97.3 in Haiti, and our sister networks.

Thank you.

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Love or Manipulation?

Sometimes people show you something with the appearance of CARING, but in fact it is a strategy to MANIPULATE you.
Keep your eyes open because the person who really loves you does not enjoy hurting your feelings!


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Gastronomes for Development

Gastronomes for Development

Forests and food

Alternative energy is something that Boston-based Edjoodelky Louis has taken up as a cause as well. Being Haitian and a chef, Louis is acutely aware of the food security dilemma in his homeland. Like Andrés, he has also sought to use the prism of food to focus efforts to serve Haitians outside of his traditional role as a chef. His organization, Reforest Haiti, is an initiative that promotes environmental stewardship and speaks to Andrés’ urgency in breaking the charcoal chain of cutting down trees for cooking fuel. “It’s important that we understand how the chronic energy shortage affects food systems,” said Louis in a telephone interview.


On the surface, reforestation would seem to have nothing in common with cooking food, but, as Louis says, it is actually the intersection of many development challenges in Haiti. “Massive deforestation is the result of a reliance on wood as fuel, which has resulted in catastrophic erosion occurring on the island.”


“Pursuing other humanitarian initiatives doesn’t do you any good if you can’t feed yourself,” said Louis. “Deforestation affects our ability to achieve food security. Imported rice has become the only cereal diet for most Haitians because other crops can’t grow or it’s too expensive to grow them.”..

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A better way!


I was raised in a family and a Church that told me to never take anyone to court because God is good and he knows everything.

In business, each customer I failed to take to court had the upper hand because when they decided to take the business to court even though they were wrong and refused to pay for our hard work, we had less chance of winning because they are consumers and Pye kout Pwan Devan works great in the American system!
In Haiti, there are thousands of damaged protestants like me.
They drugged us to be so ignorant. We wasted a huge part of our life living some lies. We are often forced to hide our true feelings just to please the Church and some pastors or play the RIGHTEOUS GAME!
To this date, some protestants fanatics even refuse to talk about politics because they are not from this world. They are PASSENGERS!
BONDYE BON! We’ll meet in heaven!
We are perfect. All the others are sinners and they will burn in hell!

My friends, I have good news for you!
Some of those teachings will make a very humble person out of you.
However, you are also playing to lose…every time!
Is that fun?
In order to become free and start a new and better life, today, I’m not inviting you to accept JESUS CHRIST once again, but I’m inviting you to play smarter by accepting Jesus Christ siblings: COMMON SENSE, DISCIPLINE AND SCIENCE!

With Common Sense and SCIENCE you will make better decisions in your life and you will be not only a good Christian (since you already accepted Jesus) but a honest person and a successful and engaged Citizen!

And finally, instead of cursing the people who hurt you or secretly meeting with a houngan (or more a MALFEKTE as they say in Haiti – nothing personal against the voodoo by the way) in this case to make things right or choose some other dangerous roads, I’d say you can do better:
You can forgive and move on or follow the laws by doing whatever the book allows you to do to get Justice when appropriate. And it’s important to share your experiences and raise awareness so others may learn from your mistakes and misfortunes….

After all, a true Democratic society is based on JUSTICE and FREEDOM!

Don’t just wait for miracles, make them happen with a better and stronger attitude while, of course, still going to any Church where you feel comfortable!

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End of the (2013) electoral crisis in Haiti?


Repeated Crisis can be fatal to our young and fragile Democracy so they should be avoided whenever possible and at all costs.
In the meantime, it’s very positive and encouraging to see some unnecessary crisis coming to an end…
Kudos to the parliament and the CSPJ for coming to their senses and working out some compromises.
With 9 legitimate members, the Electoral Council should be able to organize credible elections at the end of this year.
With credible elections, this legislature, the CSPJ and the whole administration will show MATURITY and some very promising signs of a new Haiti, struggling but willing to move forward regardless.

Better Haitians=Better Haiti.

Latest updates:

The parliament finally designated 3 members to represent them at the Electoral Council (Collège Transitoire du conseil électoral permanent – CTCEP): Georges Pierre Simon, Maxime Magloire et Yolande Dumorné.

The CSPJ also sent a letter to the executive to terminate the 3 contested members previously selected to represent them at the Council. The new 3 members should replace them soon.

The electoral council will be responsible for organizing elections to renew 1/3 of the Senate (10 Seats), all mayors and the Territorial collectivities nationwide…
Those elections are 20 months behind schedule.

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AYITI DEMAIN radio show LIVE tonight 03/10/2013 (8pm ish).


At Ayiti Demain tonight our special guest is: Professor & Economist Nesmy Manigat (Vice-President NE Haiti Chamber of Commerce). We’ll talk about the current state of the Haitian economy and the future of Petrocaribe.

Our second special guest is the President of Norigene Foundation: Roselene Jean. We’ll talk about the work of her organization with handicapped children and women in Thomonde…We’ll also honor and celebrate Women’s international day with her and have her take on women’s challenges in Haiti…

Our contributor Marthe Sabine Cadet-Lorgeat will continue with her weekly topic on Leadership and Teamwork.

Poirier Rene will summarize this week news with additional comments….

Our co-host and co-producer Louinel Maximize Jean will add value to the discussions while sharing with us his latest successful tube: CHOFFEUR/DRIVER…

Finally stay tuned for our new topic: TI KOZE DIASPORA.

Stay tuned via, Radio Megastar 97.3 FM (Haiti), our sister networks or by phone: 712-432-1979.

To participate (share your comments and ask questions): 404-537-2079.

Ayiti Demain, LIVE every Sunday starting 8:00pm ish.

We dig deeper.
We educate.
We inform…with a positive attitude.

Better Haitians=Better Haiti.

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Demand Respect!

Many Haitian women are not aware that they are in deep verbal, emotional, and psychological abusive relationships…
This is no good for your well-being. Demand RESPECT!


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Haiti needs its Diaspora!


Haitians have 4G network, high speed internet, luxury cars, luxury houses, they are moving towards Numeric TV, Latest banking options such as online banking and wire transfers, high tech at different levels for those who can afford it…and when you ask VOTE FOR THE DIASPORA and adequate planning for EVOTE (voting online) because that’s the future…some folks come up with argument that Haiti is too far far behind to be thinking about such modernization. I’m shocked because we choose to be selective, especially when it comes to make things happen for a better Haiti. We cannot always choose double standards…To fight corruption and to talk about change is to send CLEAR messages that we are willing to do things differently. As long as the Diaspora is not fully involved Haiti won’t make it too far. Simply because that Haitian diaspora is Haiti’s middle class and the diaspora only has the qualifications needed to get some things done. Unless of course, we are willing to follow the NGO and some international institutions approach where so called Experts are highly overpaid for services that some professionals in the diaspora would be willing to offer without all the perks (such as Housing, cars and benefits) and probably for the same or less salary!

The vote of the Diaspora in the diaspora (not in Haiti) is just one of the benefit of the new constitutional amendment signed by President Michel J. Martelly last year!
If all Haitians are equal, then the diaspora needs to be able to vote as well.

The excuses that I hear and read so far are just lame and they show the unwillingness of those players who have used to diaspora to advance their agenda in the past!

Of course the diaspora is not a homogeneous group, but we do have common interests and we all love Haiti.

My friends blocking the diaspora is just a wasteful strategy because it’s a matter of time before the diaspora obtains and enjoys its hard earned rights to vote and to participate in the reconstruction and/or Transformation of Haiti.


Four to Five Millions of Haitians live abroad, chiefly in North America: the Dominican Republic, United States, CubaMexico (mainly in Mexico City and Cancun), Canada (primarily Montreal) and Bahamas. They also live in other countries likeFranceFrench Antilles, the Turks and CaicosJamaicaPuerto RicoVenezuelaBrazilChileCote d’IvoireSenegal, and French Guiana.

Annually, the Haitian diaspora sends home between US $1.5-$1.8 billion in official flows, about one-third of Haiti’s GDP.  This billion-dollar figure excludes the total cost of goods shipped home, annually, by barrels and boxes (a bang-up business in immigrant communities in New York City, Miami and Boston), as well as cash transfers that were not wired nor declared upon entering the country.

***For those who are against VOTING ONLINE in the United States or abroad and who are trying to be creative by focusing on SECURITY CONCERNS all I have to say is that if we don’t have security concerns when we are using online banking from our PC and smartphones, if governments can launch a destructive missile just by the push of a button from a laptop from anywhere, why should we worry about EVOTE?
To learn more about success stories relating to Evote, I can take Countries like Estonia and Canada as very good examples.
Also, for the Countries who are so used to FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS, I have some good news: FRAUDS ONLINE are more precarious simply because it is easier for IT experts to locate the manipulations and all log ins… And we can always design a system where nothing can be deleted. So if someone has any funny ideas, they should be ready for the consequences because it won’t go unnoticed!
Welcome to the new world where perfection matters!

Better Haitians=Better Haiti!

More info about evoting:

Click to access The%20History%20and%20Politics%20of%20Diaspora%20Voting.pdf



Please click on the link below to show your support to our small campaign:

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The Haitian Diaspora deserves FULL PARTICIPATION!



The Haitian Diaspora is so distracted that it’s failing to do what’s needed to claim its BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in Haiti.
Not only the Diaspora must vote in all Haitians elections asap, the Diaspora deserves to have at least one (1) member at the Electoral Council!
The authorities are struggling to put in place the electoral council, most diaspora leaders are fighting for exposures and personal interests, but not enough are truly standing for THE RIGHTS OF ALL MEMBERS OF THE DIASPORA TO PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF OUR MOTHERLAND!
Of course, the diaspora has a lot to offer, so why are we doing things sometimes just like they do them in Haiti?
Why so much division?

I do notice lots of progress, but it’s not enough.
The Diaspora needs FULL PARTICIPATION and we need a better return on our investment!

Go ahead and talk to your officials and legislators!


Better Haitians=Better Haiti!

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