Negative alerts about Haiti

Haitian authorities can learn from those Countries who are giving their citizens regular alerts about Haiti. It’s not a bad thing. Our reaction must be as follows: Thanking those Countries for pointing out our weaknesses and promising them to do what’s necessary. Since Countries like Canada, USA and France are already very involved in Haitian business, we should also use this golden opportunity to ask them to do more via their expensive and small projects in Haiti, knowing that Haiti needs the help of all his children, fathers, mothers and friends to move forward…After all, Haiti’s poverty made so many partners rich. Finally, our authorities should make sure that our Consulates and Embassies around the world work in better synergy with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in order to post periodic WARNINGS to Haitians Citizens. Those warnings would tell us to avoid places where RACISTS are very active, places where immigrants are not welcomed, places where minorities are not receiving good treatments, places where being black is probably still a sin, places where policies and laws do not favor immigrants and/or illegal aliens (as we do have some of those), places where discriminations and crimes are very high, and places where BLACK TAX is much much higher, etc. January 24, 2013.


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