FROM ALORAL to ALEKRI (Haitian Carnival)

Haitians are often very emotional and they love double standards. Last year Brothers Posse was among the bands performing at the Haitian Carnival in Les Cayes, same thing for Boukman Eksperyans. Some bands were frustrated because they didn’t make the short list. At that time, it wasn’t a problem for both Brothers Posse and Boukman Eksperyans, why? Simply because they got their tickets, so life is good, the don’t care about other details… This year, according to several sources and the recent statements posted by both Brothers Posse and Boukman Eksperyans, it seems they have not been selected until now. I feel bad for them because I love their lyrics, their rhythm and their straight talk!
Nevertheless, the fact that they have not been selected while other bands seem to be pre-qualified even before the competition has not begun is not the problem, here is the real problem of my lovely homeland and the people living in it: Based on what prerequisites and standards a band is selected every year? The national carnival is it a private business or a public event?
If this event is a public event, what’s the role of the committee? What are the requirements for someone to be admitted in that committee? Does this committee decide on its own? Who oversees and/or evaluate the job of this committee?
Does this committee has a chart or some basic rules to guide its decision making process?

Once you ask the right questions, then look at the answers, anyone with a little common sense will do one thing and one thing only: Shake your head…probably smile simultaneously or show real frustrations…Then ask whoever is complaining to SHUT UP / Piout, Piout or keep the complaints ALORAL!

Simply because the so called victims have been supporting the system that is oppressing them for a long time…until, they find themselves on the other side!

Now, if they really care, they should use their influence to bring FAIRNESS and real standards to that process (if we agree that the event is public, because otherwise it may not be a serious problem) and/or advocate for a radical change, so, everybody may find closure once the famous list is available every year…This way, the competition could become a bit more TRANSPARENT (I know we hate this one and may be most of us don’t even understand what it means)….

The good thing with a STANDARD PROCESS and FAIRNESS is that it allows all players to abide by the rules and to accept the results even when they are not the winners!

If we don’t want to break the cycle, we are going to live like PRIMATES for a long long time!

As they say: If you do what you did, you get what you got!

Better Haitians=Better Haiti!

Once again, who is participating in the three (3) day show in Cap-Haitian does not really matter at this point. And based on that fact alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brothers Posse or Boukman Eksperyans or both get to enjoy a last minute ticket. The principles remains that we need to do things the right way via a standard and fair process. And that process must be knows for critics appreciation and reviews. Otherwise, we are simply improvising and there is no difference between those who make the list and those who don’t because no one can say for sure why X was picked instead of Y or vice versa.



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