Lose-Lose (LAPD vs Ex cop Christopher Jordan Dorner)

We have so much violence in America today because unfortunately society and people don’t care about each other’s problems…People cry for help, but we ignore them. So, since they know we are all addicted to scandals and big scenes, they make sure they give us some every now and then… In the end, everybody is guilty! Obviously, we are getting too selfish, greedy and we are going a little bit too fast… Take the time to listen to your friends and family members troubles, and try to help them anyway you can before things go out of control…

***As far as what’s going on with the LAPD in California now…it’s unfortunate that everybody will lose at the end of this manhunt!

Fore more about this tragedy and manhunt: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2013/02/door-to-door-search-in-big-bear-as-hunt-for-ex-cop-continues.html


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