Police confuse trucks for Dorner’s, shoot at three people in case of mistaken identity:

Christopher Dorner manhunt: Timeline of events leading up to search for fired officer:

Christopher Dorner Fans On Facebook, Twitter Call Alleged Cop Killer A ‘Hero,’ Citing Police Brutality:

‘A Man with Morals’: The Alleged Killer Cop’s Growing Online Fan Base:

Christopher Dorner gains sympathizers online as police track down murder suspect:

I support Christopher Jordan Dorner Facebook Page:

Christopher Dorner Facebook Page:

Uncensored Manifesto from Retired LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner: and here:

Rogue ex-cop is heavily armed, trained and out there somewhere (CNN):

This Dorner manhunt feels more protecting the police rather than protecting and serving the people…

It is not uncommon for police officers to brutalize the mentally ill:

LAPD Police Brutality: Caught On Tape Brutal Beat Down:

LAPD chase man EXECUTE him Claim Self Defense:

Case file:
Christopher Dorner vs LAPD:

The end:

Christopher Dorner’s body positively ID’d:


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