Ayiti Demain: Response to a segment of our last night show “Kantin Mobil”.


Mr Garcon,

Hello Moise, It was a pleasure interacting last night on the emission.
Since I may (not be ) on the line  until the 31st, allow me to
offer a counter to  the “Mobil Kantin” program comment made last night.
You may choose or not to bring this view in the next Sundays.

No big deal but:
1. We often made ‘degrading’ remarks, in the Diaspora…
somewhat viewed to be ‘elitist’ by some, or ‘ignorant’ by others ‘sur le betton’
2. Something could always be to a higher standard, even the soup kitchen here,
but you take what you can give.

3. In Haiti, the ‘Mobil’ part is important for TWO reasons
a- they are trying to serve the poor where they work –
near the agricultural fields. Attract them to be there or not somewhere
b- It is a disperse population.  “Derriere Morne, genyen Morne”. No way to
assemble them
We see the  photos in the city, but donot understand that it is one service
for ALL the country. If the city person is shown taking the food, the
peasant  does not feel being put down.

The food service in town is such that the non-working parents have food and they do not take away from their child allowances…

Venezuela is pushing for their donations to reach the remote folks, where they are. Best way to do so is to create work where they need to earn their living. You go to them, not assemble them in a town far away from their workplace.

We, in the Diaspora,  cannot keep beating ourselves for every step forward
someone else make. We can ask questions, many questions. when we
go forward without being ‘sur le betton’, we hurt the efforts being made.

Moise, you run a GREAAAAATTT SHOW!


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Blog about politics, science, philosophy, and people. Better Haitians=Better Haiti!
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