The Haitian Diaspora deserves FULL PARTICIPATION!



The Haitian Diaspora is so distracted that it’s failing to do what’s needed to claim its BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in Haiti.
Not only the Diaspora must vote in all Haitians elections asap, the Diaspora deserves to have at least one (1) member at the Electoral Council!
The authorities are struggling to put in place the electoral council, most diaspora leaders are fighting for exposures and personal interests, but not enough are truly standing for THE RIGHTS OF ALL MEMBERS OF THE DIASPORA TO PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF OUR MOTHERLAND!
Of course, the diaspora has a lot to offer, so why are we doing things sometimes just like they do them in Haiti?
Why so much division?

I do notice lots of progress, but it’s not enough.
The Diaspora needs FULL PARTICIPATION and we need a better return on our investment!

Go ahead and talk to your officials and legislators!


Better Haitians=Better Haiti!


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Blog about politics, science, philosophy, and people. Better Haitians=Better Haiti!
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