AYITI DEMAIN radio show LIVE tonight 03/10/2013 (8pm ish).


At Ayiti Demain tonight our special guest is: Professor & Economist Nesmy Manigat (Vice-President NE Haiti Chamber of Commerce). We’ll talk about the current state of the Haitian economy and the future of Petrocaribe.

Our second special guest is the President of Norigene Foundation: Roselene Jean. We’ll talk about the work of her organization with handicapped children and women in Thomonde…We’ll also honor and celebrate Women’s international day with her and have her take on women’s challenges in Haiti…

Our contributor Marthe Sabine Cadet-Lorgeat will continue with her weekly topic on Leadership and Teamwork.

Poirier Rene will summarize this week news with additional comments….

Our co-host and co-producer Louinel Maximize Jean will add value to the discussions while sharing with us his latest successful tube: CHOFFEUR/DRIVER…

Finally stay tuned for our new topic: TI KOZE DIASPORA.

Stay tuned via www.radiofos.com, Radio Megastar 97.3 FM (Haiti), our sister networks or by phone: 712-432-1979.

To participate (share your comments and ask questions): 404-537-2079.

Ayiti Demain, LIVE every Sunday starting 8:00pm ish.

We dig deeper.
We educate.
We inform…with a positive attitude.

Better Haitians=Better Haiti.


About ayitidemain

Blog about politics, science, philosophy, and people. Better Haitians=Better Haiti!
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