A better way!


I was raised in a family and a Church that told me to never take anyone to court because God is good and he knows everything.

In business, each customer I failed to take to court had the upper hand because when they decided to take the business to court even though they were wrong and refused to pay for our hard work, we had less chance of winning because they are consumers and Pye kout Pwan Devan works great in the American system!
In Haiti, there are thousands of damaged protestants like me.
They drugged us to be so ignorant. We wasted a huge part of our life living some lies. We are often forced to hide our true feelings just to please the Church and some pastors or play the RIGHTEOUS GAME!
To this date, some protestants fanatics even refuse to talk about politics because they are not from this world. They are PASSENGERS!
BONDYE BON! We’ll meet in heaven!
We are perfect. All the others are sinners and they will burn in hell!

My friends, I have good news for you!
Some of those teachings will make a very humble person out of you.
However, you are also playing to lose…every time!
Is that fun?
In order to become free and start a new and better life, today, I’m not inviting you to accept JESUS CHRIST once again, but I’m inviting you to play smarter by accepting Jesus Christ siblings: COMMON SENSE, DISCIPLINE AND SCIENCE!

With Common Sense and SCIENCE you will make better decisions in your life and you will be not only a good Christian (since you already accepted Jesus) but a honest person and a successful and engaged Citizen!

And finally, instead of cursing the people who hurt you or secretly meeting with a houngan (or more a MALFEKTE as they say in Haiti – nothing personal against the voodoo by the way) in this case to make things right or choose some other dangerous roads, I’d say you can do better:
You can forgive and move on or follow the laws by doing whatever the book allows you to do to get Justice when appropriate. And it’s important to share your experiences and raise awareness so others may learn from your mistakes and misfortunes….

After all, a true Democratic society is based on JUSTICE and FREEDOM!

Don’t just wait for miracles, make them happen with a better and stronger attitude while, of course, still going to any Church where you feel comfortable!


About ayitidemain

Blog about politics, science, philosophy, and people. Better Haitians=Better Haiti!
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