End of the (2013) electoral crisis in Haiti?


Repeated Crisis can be fatal to our young and fragile Democracy so they should be avoided whenever possible and at all costs.
In the meantime, it’s very positive and encouraging to see some unnecessary crisis coming to an end…
Kudos to the parliament and the CSPJ for coming to their senses and working out some compromises.
With 9 legitimate members, the Electoral Council should be able to organize credible elections at the end of this year.
With credible elections, this legislature, the CSPJ and the whole administration will show MATURITY and some very promising signs of a new Haiti, struggling but willing to move forward regardless.

Better Haitians=Better Haiti.

Latest updates:

The parliament finally designated 3 members to represent them at the Electoral Council (Collège Transitoire du conseil électoral permanent – CTCEP): Georges Pierre Simon, Maxime Magloire et Yolande Dumorné.

The CSPJ also sent a letter to the executive to terminate the 3 contested members previously selected to represent them at the Council. The new 3 members should replace them soon.

The electoral council will be responsible for organizing elections to renew 1/3 of the Senate (10 Seats), all mayors and the Territorial collectivities nationwide…
Those elections are 20 months behind schedule.


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