Why do we need a plan?

Whenever people are telling you they are going to do this or they are going to do that for Haiti, you need to ask them to show you a plan. Several sectors and so called leaders or authorities in Haiti and abroad think they have a plan for our beloved homeland, but let me tell you something dear friends, you don’t have a serious project, plan  nor a vision until you WRITE IT DOWN.
My generation has a good plan for Haiti and we are working diligently on that plan now – while you are so busy fighting, procrastinating and repeating the same mistakes over and over again – the best way to get somewhere is by writing down your plan, sharing It with experts (as we don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time) for review, then make it available to everyone in order to start or launch a serious dialogue and conversation (with methodology and discipline of course). At that point we will have an intelligent and civilized debate allowing us to reach a consensus (before taking the steps leading to some well defined executions). The results of that consensus will be known as AYITI!
It won’t be their HAITI, your or my HAITI as it always has been the case, but rather “OUR AYITI”. This will be the Renaissance of our great nation (as our forefathers anticipated) and the beginning of a new era and better days because we finally get to admit and understand that we must respect one another in order to succeed!

Once again, any realization that is done without a vision and a plan will always put some people or clans over the system, in which case would further divide us and complicate our chances of implementing and structuring the good institutions needed to last and protect the stability and the future of our democracy – young it may be, but promising nevertheless.

Our quest towards sustainability requires great planning, bold and safe procedures promoting better leadership, teamwork, fraternity and social justice.

Having a plan that we all agree upon is a must. However, what happens when the plan is too utopic?
How about when we are dealing with players who never play by the rules and who do not care about collectivity and win-win strategies, just because of their ego and?
Those tough and real questions must be the subjects of another series of analysis and reflections.

Better Haitians=Better Haiti!

P.S We keep our analysis simple because we do know you don’t have enough time to read and the current environment (blink and you miss it news cycle) obviously does not encourage you to do otherwise, unless you really have to.
Nevertheless, we go deeper during our weekly radio show “Ayiti Demain” with our guests and panelists and fans, every Sunday starting 8:00pm ish via Radio Tele Fos Internationale, Radio Tele Megastar 97.3 in Haiti, and our sister networks.

Thank you.


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Blog about politics, science, philosophy, and people. Better Haitians=Better Haiti!
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